Low VHF Yagi Antenna for 54-88 MHz

Model: PA11-2RY - 2-Element Yagi Antenna

The PA11-2RY yagi antenna is a horizontally polarized, 2-element yagi antenna covering the low VHF band from 54-88 MHz. The antenna is manufactured, tuned, and supplied on a per channel basis for any of low VHF channels (Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 4, Ch 5 or Ch 6). Each bay of the PA11-2RY features two discrete yagi antennas that are tuned together, producing ideal return loss values and very low VSWR. The PA11-2RY is a cantilever mounted antenna, that is, it mounts to the support structure at the back of the antenna, behind both elements and behind the rear reflector. This gives the PA11-2RY unimpeded pattern propagation characteristics producing a reliable, predictable, and stable coverage pattern. The antenna is composed of stainless steel and/or hot-dipped galvanized steel and is shipped disassembled to reduce shipping volume, thus minimal on-site assembly is required.

The antenna is tuned for a VSWR of less than 1.10:1 across any 6 MHz channel in the low VHF band. The addition of multiple antennas stacked both vertically (one on top of another) and horizontally (multiple yagis oriented around the tower) increase coverage and gain of the array.